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こくがく/kokugaku/common kokugaku/こくがく/common国学
  • noun:
    1. study of (ancient) Japanese literature and culture
    2. provincial school (under Japan's ritsuryo system and pre-Sui Chinese law)  —Archaism.   大学[2]

コク/KOKU/    くに/kuni/KOKU/コク/    kuni/くに/


ガク/GAKU/    まな.ぶ/mana.bu/GAKU/ガク/    mana.bu/まな.ぶ/

study;  learning;  science

こくがくしゃ/kokugakusha/ kokugakusha/こくがくしゃ/国学者
  • noun:
    1. scholar of (ancient) Japanese literature and culture



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