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どしゃ/dosha/common dosha/どしゃ/common土砂
  • noun:
    1. earth and sand

/DO/    /TO/    つち/tsuchi/DO//    TO//    tsuchi/つち/

soil;  earth;  ground;  Turkey

/SA/    シャ/SHA/    すな/suna/SA//    SHA/シャ/    suna/すな/


どしゃぶり/doshaburi/common doshaburi/どしゃぶり/common土砂降り · どしゃ降り
どしゃくずれ/doshakuzure/ doshakuzure/どしゃくずれ/土砂崩れ
  • noun:
    1. landslide
どしゃさいがい/doshasaigai/ doshasaigai/どしゃさいがい/土砂災害
  • noun:
    1. landslide disaster;  landslide disasters;  damage caused by sand and gravel avalanches;  sediment disaster;  sediment disasters;  sediment-related disaster;  sediment-related hazard
どしゃダム/doshaDAMU/ doshaDAMU/どしゃダム/土砂ダム
  • noun:
    1. landslide dam



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