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Showing entries with nouns only.
どう/dou/common dou/どう/common
  • noun / noun used as a suffix / noun used as a prefix:
    1. temple;  shrine;  hall
    2. prefix to building meaning "magnificent"


public chamber;  hall

しょくどう/shokudou/common shokudou/しょくどう/common食堂
こうどう/koudou/common koudou/こうどう/common講堂
いちどう/ichidou/common ichidou/いちどう/common一堂
こうかいどう/koukaidou/common koukaidou/こうかいどう/common公会堂
かいどう/kaidou/common kaidou/かいどう/common会堂
にんてんどう/nintendou/common nintendou/にんてんどう/common任天堂
  • noun:
    1. Nintendo (video game company)
せいどう/seidou/common seidou/せいどう/common聖堂
でんどう/dendou/common dendou/でんどう/common殿堂
  • noun:
    1. palace;  palatial building
ぎじどう/gijidou/common gijidou/ぎじどう/common議事堂
  • noun:
    1. Diet building
こっかいぎじどう/kokkaigijidou/common kokkaigijidou/こっかいぎじどう/common国会議事堂
ほんどう/hondou/common hondou/ほんどう/common本堂
  • noun:
    1. main temple building;  nave
こんどう/kondou/common kondou/こんどう/common金堂
  • noun:
    1. main temple structure (sanctuary, hall)
つじどう/tsujidou/common tsujidou/つじどう/common辻堂
  • noun:
    1. wayside shrine
きょうどう/kyoudou/common kyoudou/きょうどう/common経堂
  • noun:
    1. sutra library
そうどう/soudou/common soudou/そうどう/common僧堂
  • noun:
    1. temple meditation hall or certain other temple structures
どうどうめぐり/doudoumeguri/common doudoumeguri/どうどうめぐり/common堂々巡り · 堂堂巡り · 堂々回り · 堂堂回り
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. going around in circles
    2. circling a temple
    3. roll-call vote
ユダヤきょうかいどう/YUDAYAkyoukaidou/ YUDAYAkyoukaidou/ユダヤきょうかいどう/ユダヤ教会堂
  • noun:
    1. synagogue
いはいどう/ihaidou/ ihaidou/いはいどう/位牌堂
  • noun:
    1. mortuary chapel
かいどうづかさ/kaidoudukasa/ kaidoudukasa/かいどうづかさ/会堂司
  • noun:
    1. ruler of a synagogue
さんどう/sandou/ sandou/さんどう/参堂
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. visiting a home or a shrine
しちどうがらん/shichidougaran/ shichidougaran/しちどうがらん/七堂伽藍
  • noun:
    1. complete seven-structured temple compound
しょくどうしゃ/shokudousha/ shokudousha/しょくどうしゃ/食堂車
そんどう/sondou/ sondou/そんどう/尊堂
  • pronoun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. your family;  your mother
ちゅうどう/chuudou/ chuudou/ちゅうどう/中堂
  • noun:
    1. main temple building

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