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とぐろをまく/togurowomaku/ togurowomaku/とぐろをまく/とぐろを巻く · 塒を巻く · 蜷局を巻く
  • expression / godan く verb → conjugation:
    1. to coil itself (e.g. a snake)
    2. to loaf around

/SHI/    /JI/    ねぐら/negura/    とや/toya/    とぐろ/toguro/SHI//    JI//    negura/ねぐら/    toya/とや/    toguro/とぐろ/

roost;  hen coop;  spiral

カン/KAN/    ケン/KEN/    ま.く/ma.ku/    まき/maki/    ま.き/カン/    KEN/ケン/    ma.ku/ま.く/    maki/まき/ま.き/

scroll;  volume;  book;  part;  roll up;  wind up;  tie;  coil;  counter for texts (or book scrolls)



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