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じゅく/juku/common juku/じゅく/common


cram school;  private school

じゅくちょう/jukuchou/common jukuchou/じゅくちょう/common塾長
  • noun:
    1. principal of a private school
ぎじゅく/gijuku/common gijuku/ぎじゅく/common義塾
  • noun:
    1. private school
じゅくせい/jukusei/common jukusei/じゅくせい/common塾生
  • noun:
    1. private-school student
しじゅく/shijuku/common shijuku/しじゅく/common私塾
  • noun:
    1. private school (in house)
にゅうじゅく/nyuujuku/common nyuujuku/にゅうじゅく/common入塾
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. entering a private school
がくしゅうじゅく/gakushuujuku/ gakushuujuku/がくしゅうじゅく/学習塾
  • noun:
    1. private night-school;  tutoring school (math, English, etc.)
かじゅく/kajuku/ kajuku/かじゅく/家塾
  • noun:
    1. (historical) government-backed school operated by a scholar out of his home
えいごじゅく/eigojuku/ eigojuku/えいごじゅく/英語塾
  • noun:
    1. private school for the study of English
しんがくじゅく/shingakujuku/ shingakujuku/しんがくじゅく/進学塾
  • noun:
    1. cramschool (for boys and girls who wish to go on to the next stage of education)
じゅくがよい/jukugayoi/ jukugayoi/じゅくがよい/塾通い
  • noun:
    1. attending cram school
がじゅく/gajuku/ gajuku/がじゅく/画塾
  • noun:
    1. private painting school


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