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しき/shiki/common shiki/しき/common士気
しかん/shikan/common shikan/しかん/common士官
しじょ/shijo/ shijo/しじょ/士女
  • noun:
    1. men and women;  the whole town
しちょう/shichou/ shichou/しちょう/士長
  • noun:
    1. leading private (JSDF)
しそつ/shisotsu/ shisotsu/しそつ/士卒
  • noun:
    1. officers and soldiers;  soldiers
しぞく/shizoku/ shizoku/しぞく/士族
しどう/shidou/ shidou/しどう/士道
  • noun:
    1. chivalry;  samurai code
しぶん/shibun/ shibun/しぶん/士分
  • noun:
    1. status of samurai
しし/shishi/ shishi/しし/士師
  • noun:
    1. judge (of ancient China)
    2. judge (leader of ancient Israel)   士師記
ししょ/shisho/ shisho/ししょ/士庶
  • noun:
    1. samurai and commoners
    2. normal people (as opposed to people of a high social standing)
しじん/shijin/ shijin/しじん/士人
  • noun:
    1. samurai
    2. person of extensive learning;  person of great culture;  person of superior social standing

/SHI/    さむらい/samurai/SHI//    samurai/さむらい/

gentleman;  samurai;  samurai radical (no. 33)


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