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たはつ/tahatsu/common tahatsu/たはつ/common多発

/TA/    おお.い/ō.i/    まさ.に/    まさ.る/    oo.i/おお.い/まさ.に/まさ.る/

many;  frequent;  much

ハツ/HATSU/    ホツ/HOTSU/    た.つ/ta.tsu/    あば.く/aba.ku/    おこ.る/    つか.わす/tsuka.wasu/    はな.つ/hana.tsu/HATSU/ハツ/    HOTSU/ホツ/    ta.tsu/た.つ/    aba.ku/あば.く/おこ.る/    tsuka.wasu/つか.わす/    hana.tsu/はな.つ/

departure;  discharge;  publish;  emit;  start from;  disclose;  counter for gunshots

たはつせい/tahatsusei/common tahatsusei/たはつせい/common多発性
  • noun:
    1. multiple;  poly-
たはつき/tahatsuki/ tahatsuki/たはつき/多発機
  • noun:
    1. multi-engine aeroplane;  multi-engine airplane
たはつせいこうかしょう/tahatsuseikoukashou/ tahatsuseikoukashou/たはつせいこうかしょう/多発性硬化症
  • noun:
    1. multiple sclerosis;  MS



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