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たゆう/tayuu/ tayuu/たゆう/太夫 · 大夫
  • noun:
    1. high-ranking Noh actor   能太夫
    2. head of a school of noh performance
    3. high ranking courtesan (esp. in Yoshiwara) (Edo-period)
    4. joruri narrator;  manzai narrator;   浄瑠璃  /  まんざい【万歳】
    5. female role actor in kabuki   女形
    6. low ranking priest in a Shinto shrine   御師
    7. 太夫lord steward (formerly the fifth court rank)

タイ/TAI/    /TA/    ふと.い/futo.i/    ふと.る/タイ/    TA//    futo.i/ふと.い/ふと.る/

plump;  thick;  big around

/FU/    フウ//    /BU/    おっと/otto/    それ/sore/FU//    FUU/フウ/    BU//    otto/おっと/    sore/それ/

husband;  man

たゆうもと/tayuumoto/ tayuumoto/たゆうもと/太夫元
  • noun:
    1. manager (theatrical company)



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