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Showing entries with nouns only.
ふうふ/fuufu/common · めおと/meoto/ · みょうと/myouto/ fuufu/ふうふ/common · meoto/めおと/ · myouto/みょうと/夫婦

/FU/    フウ//    /BU/    おっと/otto/    それ/sore/FU//    FUU/フウ/    BU//    otto/おっと/    sore/それ/

husband;  man

/FU/    よめ/yome/FU//    yome/よめ/

lady;  woman;  wife;  bride

ふうふのみち/fuufunomichi/ fuufunomichi/ふうふのみち/夫婦の道
  • noun:
    1. marital virtues
ふうふともかせぎ/fuufutomokasegi/ fuufutomokasegi/ふうふともかせぎ/夫婦共稼ぎ
  • noun:
    1. dual income;  husband and wife both working
ふうふげんか/fuufugenka/ fuufugenka/ふうふげんか/夫婦喧嘩 · 夫婦げんか
ふうふせいかつ/fuufuseikatsu/ fuufuseikatsu/ふうふせいかつ/夫婦生活
ふうふなか/fuufunaka/ fuufunaka/ふうふなか/夫婦仲
ふうふわかれ/fuufuwakare/ fuufuwakare/ふうふわかれ/夫婦別れ
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. divorce;  separation
ふうふやくそく/fuufuyakusoku/ fuufuyakusoku/ふうふやくそく/夫婦約束
  • noun:
    1. engagement;  betrothal;  marriage contract
ふうふづれ/fuufudure/ · めおとづれ/meotodure/ · みょうとづれ/myoutodure/ fuufudure/ふうふづれ/ · meotodure/めおとづれ/ · myoutodure/みょうとづれ/夫婦連れ
  • noun:
    1. husband and wife travelling together (traveling)
めおとぢゃわん/meotodiゃwan/ meotodiゃwan/めおとぢゃわん/夫婦茶碗
  • noun:
    1. his and her teacups
ふうふのわ/fuufunowa/ fuufunowa/ふうふのわ/夫婦の和
  • noun:
    1. conjugal harmony;  concord between husband and wife
ふうふかんけい/fuufukankei/ fuufukankei/ふうふかんけい/夫婦関係
ふうふべっせい/fuufubessei/ fuufubessei/ふうふべっせい/夫婦別姓
  • noun:
    1. (system of) husband and wife retaining separate family names
ふうふようし/fuufuyoushi/ · めおとようし/meotoyoushi/ fuufuyoushi/ふうふようし/ · meotoyoushi/めおとようし/夫婦養子
  • noun:
    1. adopting a married couple;  married couple adopted into the family
ふうふえんまん/fuufuenman/ fuufuenman/ふうふえんまん/夫婦円満
  • noun:
    1. matrimonial happiness;  happy marriage
ふうふかん/fuufukan/ fuufukan/ふうふかん/夫婦間
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. within a marriage;  between husband and wife;  conjugal
ふうふのしょゆうざいさん/fuufunoshoyuuzaisan/ fuufunoshoyuuzaisan/ふうふのしょゆうざいさん/夫婦の所有財産
  • noun:
    1. conjugal property;  joint ownership property of husband and wife
ふうふほけん/fuufuhoken/ fuufuhoken/ふうふほけん/夫婦保険
  • noun:
    1. married couple's insurance (i.e. life-insurance policy covering husband and wife)



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