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ひめ/hime/common hime/ひめ/common · outdated

/KI/    ひめ/hime/    ひめ-/hime-/KI//    hime/ひめ/    hime-/ひめ-/


まいひめ/maihime/common · ぶき/buki/ maihime/まいひめ/common · buki/ぶき/舞姫
  • noun:
    1. female dancer;  dancing girl;  danseuse
うたひめ/utahime/common utahime/うたひめ/common歌姫
  • noun:
    1. songstress;  diva
ひめぎみ/himegimi/common himegimi/ひめぎみ/common姫君
いちひめにたろう/ichihimenitarou/ ichihimenitarou/いちひめにたろう/一姫二太郎
びき/biki/ biki/びき/美姫
  • noun:
    1. beautiful maiden;  beauty
ひめさま/himesama/ himesama/ひめさま/姫様 · 姫さま
たつたひめ/tatsutahime/ tatsutahime/たつたひめ/竜田姫
  • noun:
    1. Tatsutahime;  goddess of autumn;  goddess of fall
おとひめ/otohime/ otohime/おとひめ/乙姫 · 弟姫
おりひめ/orihime/ orihime/おりひめ/織り姫 · 織姫
  • noun:
    1. woman textile worker
    2. Vega (bright star in the constellation Lyra);  Alpha Lyrae;  —.   織女星  /  ベガ
やまひめ/yamahime/ yamahime/やまひめ/山姫
  • noun:
    1. mountain goddess
ひめこまつ/himekomatsu/ himekomatsu/ひめこまつ/姫小松
  • noun:
    1. Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora)
    2. small pine (esp. one pulled from the ground during "ne-no-hi-no-asobi")   子の日の松
ひめがき/himegaki/ himegaki/ひめがき/姫垣 · 女墻 · 姫墻
  • noun:
    1. low fence
ひめみや/himemiya/ himemiya/ひめみや/姫宮
  • noun:
    1. princess
ひめます/himemasu/ · ヒメマス/HIMEMASU/ himemasu/ひめます/ · HIMEMASU/ヒメマス/姫鱒
  • noun:
    1. kokanee (landlocked variety of sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka)  —Usually written using kana alone.   紅鮭
いとひめ/itohime/ itohime/いとひめ/糸姫
  • noun:
    1. woman factory worker in weaving industry
しらゆきひめ/shirayukihime/ shirayukihime/しらゆきひめ/白雪姫
せんひめ/senhime/ senhime/せんひめ/千姫
  • noun:
    1. Princess Sen
ちょうき/chouki/ chouki/ちょうき/寵姫
  • noun:
    1. one's favorite mistress;  one's favourite mistress
ひめみこ/himemiko/ himemiko/ひめみこ/姫御子
  • noun:
    1. imperial princess
ひめはじめ/himehajime/ himehajime/ひめはじめ/姫始め
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. the first sexual intercourse of the year
    2. the first of various events in the New Year
おとひめ/otohime/ otohime/おとひめ/音姫
  • noun:
    1. melody or flushing sound played by a Japanese toilet to mask excretion sounds
ひめしゃら/himeshara/ · ヒメシャラ/HIMESHARA/ himeshara/ひめしゃら/ · HIMESHARA/ヒメシャラ/姫沙羅
  • noun:
    1. tall stewartia;  hime-syara stewartia;  stewartia monadelpha
ひめしゃが/himeshaga/ · ヒメシャガ/HIMESHAGA/ himeshaga/ひめしゃが/ · HIMESHAGA/ヒメシャガ/姫著莪
  • noun:
    1. fringed iris (Iris gracilipes)   著莪
ねむりひめ/nemurihime/ nemurihime/ねむりひめ/眠り姫
  • noun:
    1. Sleeping Beauty (fairy tale)

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