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むこ/muko/common muko/むこ/common婿 · ·
  • noun:
    1. husband;  groom
    2. (one's) son-in-law


セイ/SEI/    むこ/muko/SEI/セイ/    muko/むこ/

bridegroom;  son-in-law

むすめむこ/musumemuko/common musumemuko/むすめむこ/common娘婿
はなむこ/hanamuko/common hanamuko/はなむこ/common花婿
  • noun:
    1. bridegroom
じょせい/josei/common josei/じょせい/common女婿
  • noun:
    1. one's son-in-law
まんこ/manko/ · マンコ/MANKO/ manko/まんこ/ · MANKO/マンコ/真婿phonetic reading
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. vagina;  cunt;  pussy;  —Usually written using kana alone.  Rude.  Colloquialism.
    2. screw
こいむこ/koimuko/ koimuko/こいむこ/乞婿
  • noun:
    1. bridegroom who is loved by his bride
むこえらび/mukoerabi/ mukoerabi/むこえらび/婿選び
  • noun:
    1. search for a husband for one's daughter
むこようし/mukoyoushi/ mukoyoushi/むこようし/婿養子
ムコようし/MUKOyoushi/ MUKOyoushi/ムコようし/ムコ養子
  • noun:
    1. son-in-law taken (adopted) into family
れいせい/reisei/ reisei/れいせい/令婿
  • noun:
    1. your son-in-law
いりむこ/irimuko/ irimuko/いりむこ/入り婿 · 入婿 · 入聟 · 入壻
  • noun:
    1. man who takes his wife's family name and marries into her family;  man who is adopted by his wife's family
むこいり/mukoiri/ mukoiri/むこいり/婿入 · 婿入り
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. being adopted into the family of one's bride
いもうとむこ/imoutomuko/ imoutomuko/いもうとむこ/妹婿
  • noun:
    1. the husband of one's younger sister
あねむこ/anemuko/ anemuko/あねむこ/姉婿
  • noun:
    1. the husband of one's elder sister
むことり/mukotori/ mukotori/むことり/婿取り
  • noun:
    1. adopting a son-in-law into one's family;  marrying off one's daughter
あいせい/aisei/ aisei/あいせい/愛婿
  • noun:
    1. one's favorite son-in-law;  one's favourite son-in-law
はなよめはなむこ/hanayomehanamuko/ hanayomehanamuko/はなよめはなむこ/花嫁花婿
  • noun:
    1. bride and groom
あいむこ/aimuko/ aimuko/あいむこ/相婿 · 相聟
  • noun:
    1. brother-in-law
おうせい/ousei/ ousei/おうせい/王婿
こうせい/kousei/ kousei/こうせい/皇婿
  • noun:
    1. prince consort



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