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Showing entries with nouns only.
がくい/gakui/common gakui/がくい/common学位

ガク/GAKU/    まな.ぶ/mana.bu/GAKU/ガク/    mana.bu/まな.ぶ/

study;  learning;  science

/I/    くらい/kurai/    ぐらい/gurai/I//    kurai/くらい/    gurai/ぐらい/

rank;  grade;  throne;  crown;  about;  some

がくいろんぶん/gakuironbun/ gakuironbun/がくいろんぶん/学位論文
がくいき/gakuiki/ gakuiki/がくいき/学位記
  • noun:
    1. diploma;  testamur;  graduation certificate



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