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かおく/kaoku/common kaoku/かおく/common家屋

/KA/    /KE/    いえ/ie/    /ya/    うち/uchi/KA//    KE//    ie/いえ/    ya//    uchi/うち/

house;  home;  family;  professional;  expert;  performer

オク/OKU/    /ya/OKU/オク/    ya//

roof;  house;  shop;  dealer;  seller

かおくだいちょう/kaokudaichou/ kaokudaichou/かおくだいちょう/家屋台帳
  • noun:
    1. house or housing registry
かおくぜい/kaokuzei/ kaokuzei/かおくぜい/家屋税
  • noun:
    1. house tax
いえやしき/ieyashiki/ ieyashiki/いえやしき/家屋敷
  • noun:
    1. estate;  homestead;  house and land (it stands on);  messuage



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