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みつゆ/mitsuyu/common mitsuyu/みつゆ/common密輸

ミツ/MITSU/    ひそ.か/hiso.ka/MITSU/ミツ/    hiso.ka/ひそ.か/

secrecy;  density (pop);  minuteness;  carefulness

/YU/    シュ/SHU/YU//    SHU/シュ/

transport;  send;  be inferior

みつゆにゅう/mitsuyunyuu/common mitsuyunyuu/みつゆにゅう/common密輸入
みつゆしゅつ/mitsuyushutsu/common mitsuyushutsu/みつゆしゅつ/common密輸出
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. smuggling out
みつゆひん/mitsuyuhin/ mitsuyuhin/みつゆひん/密輸品
  • noun:
    1. smuggled goods
みつゆせん/mitsuyusen/ mitsuyusen/みつゆせん/密輸船
  • noun:
    1. smuggler



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