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じいん/jiin/common jiin/じいん/common寺院
じしゃ/jisha/common jisha/じしゃ/common寺社
  • noun:
    1. temples and shrines
てらおとこ/teraotoko/ teraotoko/てらおとこ/寺男
  • noun:
    1. male temple employee (esp. one who does odd jobs)
てらせん/terasen/ terasen/てらせん/寺銭
  • noun:
    1. banker's cut or fee charged in a gambling saloon
じかく/jikaku/ jikaku/じかく/寺格
  • noun:
    1. status of a Buddhist temple
じない/jinai/ jinai/じない/寺内
  • noun:
    1. inside a temple
じごう/jigou/ jigou/じごう/寺号
  • noun:
    1. temple's name
じいき/jiiki/ jiiki/じいき/寺域
  • noun:
    1. temple grounds  —Obscure term.
じちゅう/jichuu/ jichuu/じちゅう/寺中
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. in a temple;  inside temple grounds
    2. sub-temple
てらうけ/terauke/ terauke/てらうけ/寺請 · 寺請け
  • noun:
    1. certification issued by a temple to prove affiliation
てらこ/terako/ terako/てらこ/寺子
  • noun:
    1. child who attended a temple school  —Abbreviation.   寺子屋
じりょう/jiryou/ jiryou/じりょう/寺領
  • noun:
    1. temple's territory;  temple's estate
じむ/jimu/ jimu/じむ/寺務
  • noun:
    1. temple affairs
    2. temple administrator;  person in charge of temple affairs;  —Archaism.

/JI/    てら/tera/JI//    tera/てら/

Buddhist temple


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