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いそうろう/isourou/common isourou/いそうろう/common居候

キョ/KYO/    /KO/    い.る/    -い/-i/    お.る/キョ/    KO//い.る/    -i/-い/お.る/

reside;  to be;  exist;  live with

コウ//    そうろう/sōrō/KOU/コウ/    sourou/そうろう/

climate;  season;  weather

いそうろうせいかつ/isourouseikatsu/ isourouseikatsu/いそうろうせいかつ/居候生活
  • noun:
    1. living in another person's house without paying for food and lodging;  sponging on other people for accommodation
いそうろうぐも/isourougumo/ · イソウロウグモ/ISOUROUGUMO/ isourougumo/いそうろうぐも/ · ISOUROUGUMO/イソウロウグモ/居候蜘蛛
  • noun:
    1. dewdrop spider (any spider of genus Argyrodes)  —Usually written using kana alone.



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