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さべつ/sabetsu/common sabetsu/さべつ/common差別

/SA/    さ.す/    さ.し/sa.shi/SA//さ.す/    sa.shi/さ.し/

distinction;  difference;  variation;  discrepancy;  margin;  balance

ベツ/BETSU/    わか.れる/waka.reru/    わ.ける/wa.keru/BETSU/ベツ/    waka.reru/わか.れる/    wa.keru/わ.ける/

separate;  branch off;  diverge;  fork;  another;  extra;  specially

さべつかんぜい/sabetsukanzei/ sabetsukanzei/さべつかんぜい/差別関税
  • noun:
    1. differential duties;  selective taxation
さべつたいぐう/sabetsutaiguu/ sabetsutaiguu/さべつたいぐう/差別待遇
  • noun:
    1. discriminatory treatment
さべつひょうげん/sabetsuhyougen/ sabetsuhyougen/さべつひょうげん/差別表現
  • noun:
    1. word, phrase, or image that is perceived as showing or suggesting discrimination or prejudice against a person or group of people
さべつようご/sabetsuyougo/ sabetsuyougo/さべつようご/差別用語
  • noun:
    1. discriminatory terms
さべつはつげん/sabetsuhatsugen/ sabetsuhatsugen/さべつはつげん/差別発言
  • noun:
    1. discriminatory remark;  hate speech
さべつご/sabetsugo/ sabetsugo/さべつご/差別語
  • noun:
    1. discriminatory term;  discriminatory language
さべつかフィーチャ/sabetsukaFIICHA/ sabetsukaFIICHA/さべつかフィーチャ/差別化フィーチャ
  • noun:
    1. distinguishing feature  —IT term.
さべつてきとりあつかい/sabetsutekitoriatsukai/ sabetsutekitoriatsukai/さべつてきとりあつかい/差別的取り扱い
  • noun:
    1. discriminatory treatment



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