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まく/maku/common maku/まく/common巻く · 捲く
まきじゃく/makijaku/common makijaku/まきじゃく/common巻尺 · 巻き尺 · 巻きじゃく
  • noun:
    1. tape measure
かんまつ/kanmatsu/common kanmatsu/かんまつ/common巻末
まき/maki/common maki/まき/common · 巻き
かんとう/kantou/common kantou/かんとう/common巻頭
  • noun:
    1. opening page of book;  beginning of an essay
  • noun or verb acting prenominally:
    1. prefatory
まきもの/makimono/common makimono/まきもの/common巻き物 · 巻物 · 巻きもの
まきあみ/makiami/common makiami/まきあみ/common巻き網 · 巻網
  • noun:
    1. purse seine;  round haul net
まきがい/makigai/common makigai/まきがい/common巻き貝 · 巻貝
  • noun:
    1. snail;  spiral shell
まきがみ/makigami/common makigami/まきがみ/common巻紙 · 巻き紙
  • noun:
    1. paper roll;  rolled letter paper
まきばしら/makibashira/ makibashira/まきばしら/巻柱
  • noun:
    1. gold-covered woodwork at a temple in Hiraizumi
かんび/kanbi/ kanbi/かんび/巻尾
  • noun:
    1. end of a book
けんうん/ken'un/ ken'un/けんうん/巻雲 · 絹雲
まきぐも/makigumo/ makigumo/まきぐも/巻雲 · 巻き雲
  • noun:
    1. cirrus (cloud)
まきげ/makige/ makige/まきげ/巻き毛 · 巻毛
  • noun:
    1. curl;  curly hair;  ringlet
まきがり/makigari/ makigari/まきがり/巻狩り · 巻き狩り · 巻狩
  • noun:
    1. hunt (where the hunting area is surrounded on four sides by hunters)
かんしゅ/kanshu/ kanshu/かんしゅ/巻首
  • noun:
    1. beginning of a book or scroll
かんじく/kanjiku/ kanjiku/かんじく/巻軸
  • noun:
    1. (center portion of a) scroll (centre)
まきずし/makizushi/ makizushi/まきずし/巻き寿司 · 巻寿司 · 巻鮨 · 巻き鮨
  • noun:
    1. makizushi;  sushi made rolled in nori seaweed with a core of filling;  —Food term.
まきじく/makijiku/ makijiku/まきじく/巻軸
  • noun:
    1. scroll roller;  scroll
まきひげ/makihige/ makihige/まきひげ/巻きひげ · 巻き鬚 · 巻鬚
けんしゅ/kenshu/ kenshu/けんしゅ/巻鬚
  • noun:
    1. tendril
けんかい/kenkai/ kenkai/けんかい/巻回
  • noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. to wind around
まきがみ/makigami/ makigami/まきがみ/巻き髪 · 巻髪
まきせん/makisen/ makisen/まきせん/巻線 · 捲線
  • noun:
    1. winding (coil, armature, etc.)
まきわら/makiwara/ makiwara/まきわら/巻藁 · 巻き藁
  • noun:
    1. straw post for training sword strikes, karate punches and arrow hits
けんえい/ken'ei/ · かんえい/kan'ei/ · まきえい/makiei/ ken'ei/けんえい/ · kan'ei/かんえい/ · makiei/まきえい/巻纓
  • noun:
    1. rolled tail (of a traditional Japanese hat);  looped tail
まきおび/makiobi/ makiobi/まきおび/巻き帯 · 巻帯
  • noun:
    1. obi that is not tied but merely wrapped around the body

カン/KAN/    ケン/KEN/    ま.く/ma.ku/    まき/maki/    ま.き/カン/    KEN/ケン/    ma.ku/ま.く/    maki/まき/ま.き/

scroll;  volume;  book;  part;  roll up;  wind up;  tie;  coil;  counter for texts (or book scrolls)

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