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Showing entries with nouns only.
かえり/kaeri/common kaeri/かえり/common帰り · 還り

/KI/    かえ.る/    かえ.す/    おく.る/    とつ.ぐ/かえ.る/かえ.す/おく.る/とつ.ぐ/

homecoming;  arrive at;  lead to;  result in

かえりみち/kaerimichi/common kaerimichi/かえりみち/common帰り道 · 帰り路
かえりじたく/kaerijitaku/ kaerijitaku/かえりじたく/帰り支度
  • noun:
    1. preparations for returning (home)
かえりがけ/kaerigake/ kaerigake/かえりがけ/帰りがけ · 帰り掛け



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