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きたく/kitaku/common kitaku/きたく/common帰宅

/KI/    かえ.る/    かえ.す/    おく.る/    とつ.ぐ/かえ.る/かえ.す/おく.る/とつ.ぐ/

homecoming;  arrive at;  lead to;  result in


home;  house;  residence;  our house;  my husband

きたくぶ/kitakubu/ kitakubu/きたくぶ/帰宅部
  • noun:
    1. go-home club (refers to the group of school pupils who do are not members of any club)   幽霊部員
きたくこんなんしゃ/kitakukonnansha/ kitakukonnansha/きたくこんなんしゃ/帰宅困難者
  • noun:
    1. travellers (e.g. commuters, students, etc.) who have difficulty returning home, esp. after a large-scale earthquake
きたくじかん/kitakujikan/ kitakujikan/きたくじかん/帰宅時間
  • noun:
    1. time one returns home



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