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じょのくち/jonokuchi/common jonokuchi/じょのくち/common序の口
  • expression / noun:
    1. this is only the beginning (the real work having yet to begin)
    2. lowest division  —Sumo term.

ジョ/JO/    つい.で/    ついで/tsuide/JO/ジョ/つい.で/    tsuide/ついで/

preface;  beginning;  order;  precedence;  occasion;  chance;  incidentally

コウ//    /KU/    くち/kuchi/KOU/コウ/    KU//    kuchi/くち/


じょのくちかく/jonokuchikaku/ jonokuchikaku/じょのくちかく/序の口格
  • noun:
    1. referee officiating the lowest division  —Sumo term.



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