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ていえん/teien/common teien/ていえん/common庭園
にわき/niwaki/common niwaki/にわき/common庭木
にわさき/niwasaki/common niwasaki/にわさき/common庭先
  • noun:
    1. in the garden
にわし/niwashi/common niwashi/にわし/common庭師
ていきゅう/teikyuu/common teikyuu/ていきゅう/common庭球
  • noun:
    1. tennis
にわばん/niwaban/ niwaban/にわばん/庭番
  • noun:
    1. guard of the inner garden
にわうるし/niwaurushi/ niwaurushi/にわうるし/庭漆
  • noun:
    1. tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima)
にわいし/niwaishi/ niwaishi/にわいし/庭石
  • noun:
    1. garden stone
ていぜん/teizen/ teizen/ていぜん/庭前
  • noun:
    1. garden
ていきん/teikin/ teikin/ていきん/庭訓
  • noun:
    1. home education  —Archaism.
にわび/niwabi/ · ていりょう/teiryou/ niwabi/にわび/ · teiryou/ていりょう/庭火 · 庭燎
  • noun:
    1. garden bonfire (esp. one held on the imperial grounds)  —Archaism.
ていけい/teikei/ teikei/ていけい/庭景
  • noun:
    1. (beautiful) scenery of a garden;  gardenscape
にわうめ/niwaume/ niwaume/にわうめ/庭梅
  • noun:
    1. Chinese bushberry;  bush cherry;  Prunus japonica
にわやなぎ/niwayanagi/ · ニワヤナギ/NIWAYANAGI/ niwayanagi/にわやなぎ/ · NIWAYANAGI/ニワヤナギ/庭柳
  • noun:
    1. knotgrass (Polygonum aviculare)  —Usually written using kana alone.   道柳
にわど/niwado/ niwado/にわど/庭土
  • noun:
    1. garden soil;  soil used in a garden
にわぐち/niwaguchi/ niwaguchi/にわぐち/庭口
  • noun:
    1. garden entrance
にわづめ/niwadume/ niwadume/にわづめ/庭詰
  • noun:
    1. waiting in front of a temple to be accepted for training (in Zen Buddhism)  —Buddhist term.

テイ/TEI/    にわ/niwa/TEI/テイ/    niwa/にわ/

courtyard;  garden;  yard


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