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いんどう/indou/common indou/いんどう/common引導
  • noun:
    1. requiem;  prayer for dead;  dismissal

イン/IN/    ひ.く/hi.ku/    ひ.き/    ひ.き-/    -び.き/    ひ.ける/hi.keru/IN/イン/    hi.ku/ひ.く/ひ.き/ひ.き-/び.き/    hi.keru/ひ.ける/

pull;  tug;  jerk;  admit;  install;  quote;  refer to

ドウ//    みちび.く/michibi.ku/DOU/ドウ/    michibi.ku/みちび.く/

guidance;  leading;  conduct;  usher

いんどうをわたす/indouwowatasu/ indouwowatasu/いんどうをわたす/引導を渡す
  • expression / godan す verb → conjugation:
    1. to perform the last rites over the deceased
    2. to give someone their final notice (e.g. when firing them);  to give someone the final word



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