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とうしゃ/tousha/common tousha/とうしゃ/common当社

トウ//    あ.たる/a.taru/    あ.たり/a.tari/    あ.てる/a.teru/    あ.て/a.te/    まさ.に/    まさ.にべし/masa.nibeshi/TOU/トウ/    a.taru/あ.たる/    a.tari/あ.たり/    a.teru/あ.てる/    a.te/あ.て/まさ.に/    masa.nibeshi/まさ.にべし/

hit;  right;  appropriate;  himself

シャ/SHA/    やしろ/yashiro/SHA/シャ/    yashiro/やしろ/

company;  firm;  office;  association;  shrine

とうしゃひ/toushahi/ toushahi/とうしゃひ/当社比
  • noun:
    1. compared to our company's products (a phrase often used in advertising when comparing old and new products);  in this company's comparison
    2. as I see it;  by my estimate;  —Colloquialism.



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