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Showing entries with nouns only.
みたま/mitama/common mitama/みたま/common御霊 · 御魂
ごりょう/goryou/ goryou/ごりょう/御霊

ギョ/GYO/    /GO/    おん-/on-/    お-/o-/    み-/mi-/GYO/ギョ/    GO//    on-/おん-/    o-/お-/    mi-/み-/

honorable;  manipulate;  govern

レイ/REI/    リョウ/RYŌ/    たま/tama/REI/レイ/    RYOU/リョウ/    tama/たま/

spirits;  soul

ごれいぜん/goreizen/ goreizen/ごれいぜん/御霊前 · ご霊前
  • noun:
    1. "before the spirit of the deceased" (written on the condolence-money envelope)
おたまや/otamaya/ · みたまや/mitamaya/ otamaya/おたまや/ · mitamaya/みたまや/御霊屋
  • noun:
    1. mausoleum
みたましろ/mitamashiro/ mitamashiro/みたましろ/御霊代
  • noun:
    1. something worshiped as a symbol for the spirit of the dead
ごりょうえ/goryoue/ goryoue/ごりょうえ/御霊会
  • noun:
    1. ceremony to appease evil gods and the spirits of the dead



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