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Showing entries with nouns only.
ふっこう/fukkou/common fukkou/ふっこう/common復興

フク/FUKU/    また/mata/FUKU/フク/    mata/また/

restore;  return to;  revert;  resume

コウ//    キョウ/KYŌ/    おこ.る/    おこ.す/コウ/    KYOU/キョウ/おこ.る/おこ.す/

entertain;  revive;  retrieve;  interest;  pleasure

ふっこうのき/fukkounoki/ fukkounoki/ふっこうのき/復興の気
  • noun:
    1. signs of revival
ふっこうしきん/fukkoushikin/ fukkoushikin/ふっこうしきん/復興資金
  • noun:
    1. reconstruction funds;  reconstruction money
ふっこうじゅうたく/fukkoujuutaku/ fukkoujuutaku/ふっこうじゅうたく/復興住宅
  • noun:
    1. housing constructed after a disaster (tsunami, earthquake, etc.)



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