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はんぼう/hanbou/common hanbou/はんぼう/common煩忙 · 繁忙
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun:
    1. pressure of business;  busy
いそがしい/isogashii/common isogashii/いそがしい/common忙しい · 忙がしいirregular
せわしい/sewashii/ sewashii/せわしい/忙しい
たぼう/tabou/common tabou/たぼう/common多忙
ぼうさつ/bousatsu/common bousatsu/ぼうさつ/common忙殺
ごたぼうちゅう/gotabouchuu/ gotabouchuu/ごたぼうちゅう/御多忙中 · ご多忙中
  • expression:
    1. in the midst of your work (often used as a formal phrase in business letters, etc.)   多忙中
せわしげ/sewashige/ sewashige/せわしげ/忙しげ
  • adjectival noun → conjugation:
    1. looking busy;  appearing busy;  looking restless
きぜわしい/kizewashii/ kizewashii/きぜわしい/気忙しい
  • adjective → conjugation:
    1. restless;  fidgety;  fussy
ぼうちゅう/bouchuu/ bouchuu/ぼうちゅう/忙中
  • noun:
    1. (in the midst of) busyness
こころぜわしい/kokorozewashii/ kokorozewashii/こころぜわしい/心忙しい
しごとでいそがしい/shigotodeisogashii/ shigotodeisogashii/しごとでいそがしい/仕事で忙しい
  • expression / adjective → conjugation:
    1. busy with one's work
ぼうさつされる/bousatsusareru/ bousatsusareru/ぼうさつされる/忙殺される
  • ichidan verb → conjugation:
    1. to be worked to death;  to be very busily occupied
ぼうちゅうかんあり/bouchuukan'ari/ bouchuukan'ari/ぼうちゅうかんあり/忙中閑有り
  • noun:
    1. find odd moments of leisure in one's busy life
ぼうをいとわず/bouwoitowazu/ bouwoitowazu/ぼうをいとわず/忙を厭わず
  • expression:
    1. despite one's busyness
せわしない/sewashinai/ sewashinai/せわしない/忙しない
おおいそがし/ooisogashi/ ooisogashi/おおいそがし/大忙し
ぼうちゅうゆうかん/bouchuuyuukan/ bouchuuyuukan/ぼうちゅうゆうかん/忙中有閑
  • noun:
    1. having free time to spare in the midst of busyness;  leisure in the intervals of one's work
たぼうちゅう/tabouchuu/ tabouchuu/たぼうちゅう/多忙中
  • noun:
    1. being very busy;  being busy at work;   ご多忙中

ボウ//    モウ//    いそが.しい/isoga.shii/    せわ.しい/sewa.shii/    おそ.れる/oso.reru/    うれえるさま/urērusama/BOU/ボウ/    MOU/モウ/    isoga.shii/いそが.しい/    sewa.shii/せわ.しい/    oso.reru/おそ.れる/    ureerusama/うれえるさま/

busy;  occupied;  restless


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