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ちゅうせいをちかう/chuuseiwochikau/ chuuseiwochikau/ちゅうせいをちかう/忠誠を誓う
  • expression / godan う verb → conjugation:
    1. to pledge allegiance;  to swear an oath of allegiance;  to take an oath of allegiance


loyalty;  fidelity;  faithfulness

セイ/SEI/    まこと/makoto/SEI/セイ/    makoto/まこと/

sincerity;  admonish;  warn;  prohibit;  truth;  fidelity

セイ/SEI/    ちか.う/chika.u/SEI/セイ/    chika.u/ちか.う/

vow;  swear;  pledge



Additional translation:

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