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Showing entries with nouns only.
れんあい/ren'ai/common ren'ai/れんあい/common恋愛

レン/REN/    こ.う/ko.u/    こい/koi/    こい.しい/koi.shii/REN/レン/    ko.u/こ.う/    koi/こい/    koi.shii/こい.しい/

romance;  in love;  yearn for;  miss;  darling

アイ/AI/    いと.しい/ito.shii/    かな.しい/kana.shii/    め.でる/me.deru/    お.しむ/o.shimu/    まな/mana/AI/アイ/    ito.shii/いと.しい/    kana.shii/かな.しい/    me.deru/め.でる/    o.shimu/お.しむ/    mana/まな/

love;  affection;  favourite

れんあいかん/ren'aikan/ ren'aikan/れんあいかん/恋愛観
  • noun:
    1. philosophy of love
れんあいかんけい/ren'aikankei/ ren'aikankei/れんあいかんけい/恋愛関係
  • noun:
    1. love affair;  love relationship
れんあいけっこん/ren'aikekkon/ ren'aikekkon/れんあいけっこん/恋愛結婚
  • noun:
    1. love marriage
れんあいしじょうしゅぎ/ren'aishijoushugi/ ren'aishijoushugi/れんあいしじょうしゅぎ/恋愛至上主義
  • noun:
    1. love for love's sake
れんあいゆうぎ/ren'aiyuugi/ ren'aiyuugi/れんあいゆうぎ/恋愛遊戯
  • noun:
    1. trifling with love
れんあいしなん/ren'aishinan/ ren'aishinan/れんあいしなん/恋愛指南
  • noun:
    1. instruction in the ways of love
れんあいへんれき/ren'aihenreki/ ren'aihenreki/れんあいへんれき/恋愛遍歴
  • noun:
    1. history of one's love affairs
れんあいうん/ren'aiun/ ren'aiun/れんあいうん/恋愛運
  • noun:
    1. one's fate (fortune) as concerns love
れんあいたいしょう/ren'aitaishou/ ren'aitaishou/れんあいたいしょう/恋愛対象
れんあいしょうせつ/ren'aishousetsu/ ren'aishousetsu/れんあいしょうせつ/恋愛小説
  • noun:
    1. love romance;  love story;  romance;  romance story;  romantic fiction
れんあいえいが/ren'aieiga/ ren'aieiga/れんあいえいが/恋愛映画
  • noun:
    1. romantic film;  love movie
れんあいきんし/ren'aikinshi/ ren'aikinshi/れんあいきんし/恋愛禁止
  • noun:
    1. love ban;  talent agency rule forbidding clients from getting involved in romantic relationships
れんあいもんだい/ren'aimondai/ ren'aimondai/れんあいもんだい/恋愛問題
  • noun:
    1. love problems;  problem related to love



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