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なやみ/nayami/common nayami/なやみ/common悩み

ノウ//    なや.む/    なや.ます/naya.masu/    なや.ましい/naya.mashii/    なやみ/nayami/NOU/ノウ/なや.む/    naya.masu/なや.ます/    naya.mashii/なや.ましい/    nayami/なやみ/

trouble;  worry;  in pain;  distress;  illness

なやみごと/nayamigoto/ nayamigoto/なやみごと/悩みごと
なやみのたね/nayaminotane/ nayaminotane/なやみのたね/悩みの種
  • noun:
    1. cause of annoyance
なやみごと/nayamigoto/ nayamigoto/なやみごと/悩み事
  • noun:
    1. worry;  matter causing distress



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