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Showing entries with nouns only.
せいこう/seikou/common seikou/せいこう/common成功

セイ/SEI/    ジョウ//    な.る/    な.す/    -な.す/セイ/    JOU/ジョウ/な.る/な.す/な.す/

turn into;  become;  get;  grow;  elapse;  reach

コウ//    /KU/    いさお/isao/KOU/コウ/    KU//    isao/いさお/

achievement;  merits;  success;  honor;  credit

せいこうり/seikouri/ seikouri/せいこうり/成功裡
  • noun:
    1. success
せいこうのあかつきには/seikounoakatsukiniha/ seikounoakatsukiniha/せいこうのあかつきには/成功の暁には
  • noun:
    1. when one has succeeded
せいこうしゃ/seikousha/ seikousha/せいこうしゃ/成功者
せいこうりつ/seikouritsu/ seikouritsu/せいこうりつ/成功率
  • noun:
    1. success rate
せいこうほうしゅう/seikouhoushuu/ seikouhoushuu/せいこうほうしゅう/成功報酬
  • noun:
    1. fee contingent upon success;  contingency fee;  completion bonus



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