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こせき/koseki/common koseki/こせき/common戸籍

/KO/    /to/KO//    to//

door;  counter for houses;  door radical (no. 63)


enroll;  domiciliary register;  membership

こせきとうほん/kosekitouhon/common kosekitouhon/こせきとうほん/common戸籍謄本
  • noun:
    1. official copy of the family register
こせきがかり/kosekigakari/ kosekigakari/こせきがかり/戸籍係
  • noun:
    1. family registration official
こせきしょうほん/kosekishouhon/ kosekishouhon/こせきしょうほん/戸籍抄本
こせきほう/kosekihou/ kosekihou/こせきほう/戸籍法
  • noun:
    1. Family Registration Law
こせきしらべ/kosekishirabe/ kosekishirabe/こせきしらべ/戸籍調べ
  • noun:
    1. census-taking;  examining family registers
こせきぼ/kosekibo/ kosekibo/こせきぼ/戸籍簿
  • noun:
    1. family registry (of the district);  original of one's family register;  archive of family registers



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