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てにあまる/teniamaru/ teniamaru/てにあまる/手に余る
  • expression / godan る verb → conjugation:
    1. to be beyond one's capacities;  to be beyond one's powers;  to be beyond one's control;  to be unmanageable

シュ/SHU/    /ZU/    /te/    て-/te-/    -て/-te/    た-/ta-/SHU/シュ/    ZU//    te//    te-/て-/    -te/-て/    ta-/た-/


/YO/    あま.る/    あま.り/ama.ri/    あま.す/    あんま.り/anma.ri/YO//あま.る/    ama.ri/あま.り/あま.す/    anma.ri/あんま.り/

too much;  myself;  surplus;  other;  remainder



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