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てほん/tehon/common tehon/てほん/common手本

シュ/SHU/    /ZU/    /te/    て-/te-/    -て/-te/    た-/ta-/SHU/シュ/    ZU//    te//    te-/て-/    -te/-て/    ta-/た-/


ホン/HON/    もと/moto/HON/ホン/    moto/もと/

book;  present;  main;  origin;  true;  real;  counter for long cylindrical things

てほんちょう/tehonchou/ tehonchou/てほんちょう/手本帖
  • noun:
    1. book of calligraphy samples;  copybook;  portfolio
てほんがみ/tehongami/ tehongami/てほんがみ/手本紙
  • noun:
    1. paper used for copybooks  —Archaism.



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