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わざ/waza/common · /gi/ waza/わざ/common · gi// · irregular

/GI/    わざ/waza/GI//    waza/わざ/

skill;  art;  craft;  ability;  feat;  performance;  vocation;  arts

ぎじゅつしゃ/gijutsusha/common gijutsusha/ぎじゅつしゃ/common技術者
ぎじゅつ/gijutsu/common gijutsu/ぎじゅつ/common技術
きょうぎ/kyougi/common kyougi/きょうぎ/common競技
かがくぎじゅつちょう/kagakugijutsuchou/common kagakugijutsuchou/かがくぎじゅつちょう/common科学技術庁
  • noun:
    1. Science and Technology Agency
ぎじゅつてき/gijutsuteki/common gijutsuteki/ぎじゅつてき/common技術的
えんぎ/engi/common engi/えんぎ/common演技
りくじょうきょうぎ/rikujoukyougi/common rikujoukyougi/りくじょうきょうぎ/common陸上競技
  • noun:
    1. track-and-field events
ぎのう/ginou/common ginou/ぎのう/common技能 · 伎能irregular
こくぎ/kokugi/common kokugi/こくぎ/common国技
  • noun:
    1. national sport (e.g. sumo)
ぎし/gishi/common gishi/ぎし/common技師
ぎほう/gihou/common gihou/ぎほう/common技法
えんぎりょく/engiryoku/common engiryoku/えんぎりょく/common演技力
  • noun:
    1. acting ability;  talent as a performer
とくぎ/tokugi/common tokugi/とくぎ/common特技
  • noun:
    1. special skill
じつぎ/jitsugi/common jitsugi/じつぎ/common実技
  • noun:
    1. practical skill
きゅうぎ/kyuugi/common kyuugi/きゅうぎ/common球技
ぎこう/gikou/common gikou/ぎこう/common技巧
ぎかん/gikan/common gikan/ぎかん/common技官
  • noun:
    1. technical official;  technical officer
ぎりょう/giryou/common giryou/ぎりょう/common技量 · 技倆 · 伎倆
ゆうぎ/yuugi/common yuugi/ゆうぎ/common遊技
  • noun:
    1. games;  pastimes
ねわざ/newaza/common newaza/ねわざ/common寝技 · 寝業
  • noun:
    1. (in wrestling or judo) pinning technique
    2. underhanded dealings
じっしゅきょうぎ/jisshukyougi/common jisshukyougi/じっしゅきょうぎ/common十種競技
  • noun:
    1. decathlon
ぎけん/giken/common giken/ぎけん/common技研
  • noun:
    1. technical research institute
なげわざ/nagewaza/common nagewaza/なげわざ/common投げ技 · 投技 · 投げ業
  • noun:
    1. throw or throwing technique (sumo, judo)  —Sumo term.  Martial arts term.
みょうぎ/myougi/common myougi/みょうぎ/common妙技

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