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Showing entries with nouns only.
ぬきうち/nukiuchi/common nukiuchi/ぬきうち/common抜き打ち
ぬきみ/nukimi/ nukimi/ぬきみ/抜き身
  • noun:
    1. naked (drawn) sword
ぬきずり/nukizuri/ nukizuri/ぬきずり/抜き刷り
  • noun:
    1. offprint
ぬきて/nukite/ · ぬきで/nukide/ nukite/ぬきて/ · nukide/ぬきで/抜き手 · 抜手
  • noun:
    1. overarm stroke (type of traditional Japanese swimming style)
ぬきうちかいさん/nukiuchikaisan/ nukiuchikaisan/ぬきうちかいさん/抜き打ち解散
  • noun:
    1. sudden dissolution of a legislature
ぬきいと/nukiito/ nukiito/ぬきいと/抜き糸
  • noun:
    1. drawn thread
ぬきさし/nukisashi/ nukisashi/ぬきさし/抜き差し · 抜差し
ぬきさしならぬ/nukisashinaranu/ nukisashinaranu/ぬきさしならぬ/抜き差しならぬ
  • expression / noun or verb acting prenominally:
    1. sticky (situation);  finding oneself trapped
ぬきに/nukini/ nukini/ぬきに/抜き荷
  • noun:
    1. pilfered goods
ぬきがき/nukigaki/ nukigaki/ぬきがき/抜き書き · 抜書き · 抜書
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. extract;  excerpt
ぬきよみ/nukiyomi/ nukiyomi/ぬきよみ/抜き読み
  • noun:
    1. skimming a text
ぬきとりけんさ/nukitorikensa/ nukitorikensa/ぬきとりけんさ/抜き取り検査
  • noun:
    1. sequential sampling inspection (with reposition)
ぬきつぬかれつ/nukitsunukaretsu/ nukitsunukaretsu/ぬきつぬかれつ/抜きつ抜かれつ
  • noun:
    1. back-and-forth;  neck-and-neck
ぬきつけ/nukitsuke/ nukitsuke/ぬきつけ/抜き付け
  • noun:
    1. maneuver to draw a sword from its scabbard and cut immediately  —Martial arts term.
ぬきうちけんさ/nukiuchikensa/ nukiuchikensa/ぬきうちけんさ/抜き打ち検査
  • noun:
    1. spot check;  snap inspection;  surprise test;   抜き打ち[2]
ぬきあし/nukiashi/ nukiashi/ぬきあし/抜き足 · 抜足 · ぬき足
ぬきさしならない/nukisashinaranai/ nukisashinaranai/ぬきさしならない/抜き差しならない
  • expression / noun or verb acting prenominally:
    1. be inextricably involved;  be in a sticky situation;   抜き差しならぬ
ぬきこうばい/nukikoubai/ nukikoubai/ぬきこうばい/抜き勾配
ぬきしろ/nukishiro/ nukishiro/ぬきしろ/抜きしろ
  • noun:
    1. draft (in casting);  draught;  amount of taper for molded or cast parts
ぬきがた/nukigata/ nukigata/ぬきがた/抜き型
  • noun:
    1. cutter (e.g. cookie cutter);  punching die

バツ/BATSU/    ハツ/HATSU/    ハイ/HAI/    ぬ.く/nu.ku/    -ぬ.く/-nu.ku/    ぬ.き/    ぬ.ける/nu.keru/    ぬ.かす/nu.kasu/    ぬ.かる/nu.karu/BATSU/バツ/    HATSU/ハツ/    HAI/ハイ/    nu.ku/ぬ.く/    -nu.ku/-ぬ.く/ぬ.き/    nu.keru/ぬ.ける/    nu.kasu/ぬ.かす/    nu.karu/ぬ.かる/

slip out;  extract;  pull out;  pilfer;  quote;  remove;  omit



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