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Showing entries with nouns only.
ばっぽん/bappon/ bappon/ばっぽん/抜本
  • noun:
    1. eradication
  • noun or verb acting prenominally:
    1. drastic
ぬきほん/nukihon/ nukihon/ぬきほん/抜本
  • noun:
    1. excerpt;  selection

バツ/BATSU/    ハツ/HATSU/    ハイ/HAI/    ぬ.く/nu.ku/    -ぬ.く/-nu.ku/    ぬ.き/    ぬ.ける/nu.keru/    ぬ.かす/nu.kasu/    ぬ.かる/nu.karu/BATSU/バツ/    HATSU/ハツ/    HAI/ハイ/    nu.ku/ぬ.く/    -nu.ku/-ぬ.く/ぬ.き/    nu.keru/ぬ.ける/    nu.kasu/ぬ.かす/    nu.karu/ぬ.かる/

slip out;  extract;  pull out;  pilfer;  quote;  remove;  omit

ホン/HON/    もと/moto/HON/ホン/    moto/もと/

book;  present;  main;  origin;  true;  real;  counter for long cylindrical things

ばっぽんてき/bapponteki/common bapponteki/ばっぽんてき/common抜本的
ばっぽんそくげん/bapponsokugen/ bapponsokugen/ばっぽんそくげん/抜本塞源
  • noun:
    1. eradication of (sources of) evil;  laying the ax to the root of evil
ばっぽんかいかく/bapponkaikaku/ bapponkaikaku/ばっぽんかいかく/抜本改革
  • noun:
    1. fundamental reform;  dramatic overhaul



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