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あいさつ/aisatsu/common aisatsu/あいさつ/common挨拶
あいさつまわり/aisatsumawari/ aisatsumawari/あいさつまわり/挨拶まわり · あいさつ回り · 挨拶回り
  • noun:
    1. courtesy call;  making the rounds
あいさつじょう/aisatsujou/ aisatsujou/あいさつじょう/挨拶状
  • noun:
    1. greeting card
あいさつはぬきで/aisatsuhanukide/ aisatsuhanukide/あいさつはぬきで/挨拶は抜きで
  • expression:
    1. without compliments (greetings)
あいさつをかわす/aisatsuwokawasu/ aisatsuwokawasu/あいさつをかわす/挨拶を交わす
ごあいさつ/goaisatsu/ goaisatsu/ごあいさつ/ご挨拶 · 御挨拶
  • noun:
    1. greeting  —Polite Language 「丁寧語」.   挨拶[1]
    2. a fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark)   挨拶[5]
いちあいいっさつ/ichiaiissatsu/ ichiaiissatsu/いちあいいっさつ/一挨一拶
  • noun:
    1. dialoging (with another Zen practitioner to ascertain their level of enlightenment)  —Archaism.   挨拶[6]
じこうのあいさつ/jikounoaisatsu/ jikounoaisatsu/じこうのあいさつ/時候のあいさつ · 時候の挨拶
  • expression:
    1. season's greetings (conventional way of beginning a letter)
さっぱ/sappa/ · サッパ/SAPPA/ sappa/さっぱ/ · SAPPA/サッパ/ · 拶双魚
  • noun:
    1. Japanese sardinella (Sardinella zunasi)  —Usually written using kana alone.
ねんとうのあいさつ/nentounoaisatsu/ nentounoaisatsu/ねんとうのあいさつ/年頭のあいさつ · 年頭の挨拶
  • noun:
    1. New Year's greetings
ねんとうあいさつ/nentouaisatsu/ nentouaisatsu/ねんとうあいさつ/年頭挨拶 · 年頭あいさつ
あいさつご/aisatsugo/ aisatsugo/あいさつご/挨拶語
  • noun:
    1. greeting words;  words of greeting

サツ/SATSU/    せま.る/サツ/せま.る/

be imminent;  draw close


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