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はさむ/hasamu/common hasamu/はさむ/common挟む · 挾む · 挿む
はさみうち/hasamiuchi/common hasamiuchi/はさみうち/common挟み撃ち · 挟み打ち
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. pincer attack;  attack on both sides (flanks)
はさまる/hasamaru/common hasamaru/はさまる/common挟まる
きょうさつ/kyousatsu/common kyousatsu/きょうさつ/common挟殺
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. (baseball) rundown
はさみこむ/hasamikomu/ hasamikomu/はさみこむ/挟み込む
はさみあげる/hasamiageru/ hasamiageru/はさみあげる/挟み上げる
  • ichidan verb → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to pick up (with chopsticks);  to take
きょうげき/kyougeki/ kyougeki/きょうげき/挟撃 · 挾撃
こみみにはさむ/komiminihasamu/ komiminihasamu/こみみにはさむ/小耳に挟む · 小耳にはさむ
  • expression / godan む verb → conjugation:
    1. to happen to hear;  to overhear
せんたくばさみ/sentakubasami/ sentakubasami/せんたくばさみ/洗濯挟み · 洗濯ばさみ
  • noun:
    1. clothes-pin;  clothespin;  clothes peg
いたばさみ/itabasami/ itabasami/いたばさみ/板挟み · 板挾み · 板ばさみ
  • noun:
    1. being stuck between a rock and a hard place;  being in a dilemma;  being torn between conflicting demands
こおりばさみ/kooribasami/ kooribasami/こおりばさみ/氷挟み
  • noun:
    1. ice tongs
はさみきる/hasamikiru/ hasamikiru/はさみきる/剪み切る · 挟み切る
  • godan る verb → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to nip off;  to snip;  to clip;  to trim off
かみばさみ/kamibasami/ kamibasami/かみばさみ/紙挟み
  • noun:
    1. paper holder;  paper clip
はさみむし/hasamimushi/ · ハサミムシ/HASAMIMUSHI/ hasamimushi/はさみむし/ · HASAMIMUSHI/ハサミムシ/鋏虫 · 挟み虫
  • noun:
    1. earwig  —Usually written using kana alone.
はさみしょうぎ/hasamishougi/ hasamishougi/はさみしょうぎ/挟み将棋
  • noun:
    1. piece-capturing board game
さしはさむ/sashihasamu/ sashihasamu/さしはさむ/差し挟む · 挟む · 差し挾む
きょうけんき/kyoukenki/ kyoukenki/きょうけんき/挟瞼器
  • noun:
    1. entropion forceps
きょうしょ/kyousho/ kyousho/きょうしょ/挟書
  • noun:
    1. possession of books
くちをはさむ/kuchiwohasamu/ kuchiwohasamu/くちをはさむ/口を挟む · 口をはさむ
きょうげきさくせん/kyougekisakusen/ kyougekisakusen/きょうげきさくせん/挟撃作戦
  • noun:
    1. pincer operation (tactic)
きょうじ/kyouji/ kyouji/きょうじ/脇侍 · 脇士 · 夾侍 · 挟侍outdated
わきじ/wakiji/ wakiji/わきじ/脇侍 · 脇士
  • noun:
    1. flanking attendant to the main deity of veneration in a temple
よこからくちをはさむ/yokokarakuchiwohasamu/ yokokarakuchiwohasamu/よこからくちをはさむ/横から口を挟む · 横から口をはさむ
  • expression / godan む verb → conjugation:
    1. to butt into a conversation (from someone uninvolved)
おくばにものがはさまる/okubanimonogahasamaru/ okubanimonogahasamaru/おくばにものがはさまる/奥歯に物が挟まる
  • expression / godan る verb → conjugation:
    1. to talk around something (exp. derived from having something stuck in your back teeth and thus be unable to speak clearly);  to imply something in a roundabout way
あいばさみ/aibasami/ aibasami/あいばさみ/相挟み
  • noun:
    1. multiple people holding the same item with their chopsticks
    2. passing something from chopstick to chopstick

キョウ/KYŌ/    ショウ/SHŌ/    はさ.む/    はさ.まる/hasa.maru/    わきばさ.む/    さしはさ.む/キョウ/    SHOU/ショウ/はさ.む/    hasa.maru/はさ.まる/わきばさ.む/さしはさ.む/

pinch;  between


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