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Showing entries with nouns only.
ひかえ/hikae/common hikae/ひかえ/common控え · 扣え
  • noun:
    1. reserve;  spare;  backup
    2. note;  memorandum
  • noun / noun used as a suffix:
    1. duplicate;  copy;  stub (of a ticket, etc.)
  • noun:
    1. waiting one's turn

コウ//    ひか.える/hika.eru/    ひか.え/hika.e/KOU/コウ/    hika.eru/ひか.える/    hika.e/ひか.え/

withdraw;  draw in;  hold back;  refrain from;  be moderate

ひかえしつ/hikaeshitsu/common hikaeshitsu/ひかえしつ/common控え室 · 控室
  • noun:
    1. waiting room
ひかえめ/hikaeme/ hikaeme/ひかえめ/控えめ · 控え目 · 控目
ひかえちょう/hikaechou/ hikaechou/ひかえちょう/控え帳
  • noun:
    1. notebook
ひかえがき/hikaegaki/ hikaegaki/ひかえがき/控え書き
  • noun:
    1. memo;  notes
ひかえせんしゅ/hikaesenshu/ hikaesenshu/ひかえせんしゅ/控え選手
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. substitute player;  reserve
ひかえのま/hikaenoma/ hikaenoma/ひかえのま/控えの間
ひかえのりきし/hikaenorikishi/ hikaenorikishi/ひかえのりきし/控えの力士
  • noun:
    1. wrestler waiting at the ringside  —Sumo term.
ひかえみほん/hikaemihon/ hikaemihon/ひかえみほん/控え見本
  • noun:
    1. duplicate sample
ひかえぶとん/hikaebuton/ hikaebuton/ひかえぶとん/控え布団 · 控布団
  • noun:
    1. waiting wrestler's sitting cushion  —Sumo term.
ひかえりきし/hikaerikishi/ hikaerikishi/ひかえりきし/控え力士 · 控力士
  • noun:
    1. wrestler waiting his turn by the ring  —Sumo term.



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