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Showing entries with nouns only.
だんまつま/danmatsuma/common danmatsuma/だんまつま/common断末魔 · 断末摩 · 断末間irregular

ダン/DAN/    た.つ/ta.tsu/    ことわ.る/    さだ.める/sada.meru/DAN/ダン/    ta.tsu/た.つ/ことわ.る/    sada.meru/さだ.める/

severance;  decline;  refuse;  apologize;  warn;  dismiss;  prohibit;  decision;  judgement;  cutting

マツ/MATSU/    バツ/BATSU/    すえ/sue/MATSU/マツ/    BATSU/バツ/    sue/すえ/

end;  close;  tip;  powder;  posterity


witch;  demon;  evil spirit



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