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Showing entries with nouns only.
むね/mune/common mune/むね/common ·

/SHI/    むね/mune/    うま.い/uma.i/SHI//    mune/むね/    uma.i/うま.い/

delicious;  relish;  show a liking for;  purport;  will;  clever;  expert

しゅし/shushi/common shushi/しゅし/common趣旨 · 主旨
ようし/youshi/common youshi/ようし/common要旨
ろんし/ronshi/common ronshi/ろんし/common論旨
ほんし/honshi/common honshi/ほんし/common本旨
  • noun:
    1. main object;  principal object;  true aim
しゅうし/shuushi/common shuushi/しゅうし/common宗旨
  • noun:
    1. tenets (doctrines) of a religious sect;  (religious) sect
えいし/eishi/ eishi/えいし/叡旨
  • noun:
    1. the emperor's instructions
おうし/oushi/ oushi/おうし/奥旨
  • noun:
    1. deep truth;  deep knowledge
おおむね/oomune/ oomune/おおむね/概ね · 大旨
げんし/genshi/ genshi/げんし/厳旨
  • noun:
    1. strict order;  your order
うまいしる/umaishiru/ umaishiru/うまいしる/旨い汁
  • noun:
    1. the lion's share;  the cream
しねん/shinen/ shinen/しねん/旨念
  • noun:
    1. thought
うまみ/umami/ umami/うまみ/旨味phonetic reading · 旨み · うま味phonetic reading
  • noun:
    1. good flavor (flavour);  good taste;  deliciousness
    2. umami (fifth category of taste, corresponding to the flavour of glutamates)
    3. skill
    4. profit
じょうし/joushi/ joushi/じょうし/上旨
  • noun:
    1. the emperor's thoughts
ないし/naishi/ naishi/ないし/内旨
  • noun:
    1. emperor's secret orders
ゆし/yushi/ yushi/ゆし/諭旨
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. explanation;  reasoning
りょうじ/ryouji/ · れいし/reishi/ ryouji/りょうじ/ · reishi/れいし/令旨
  • noun:
    1. prince's message;  command of a prince
とくし/tokushi/ tokushi/とくし/特旨
  • noun:
    1. special consideration
せいし/seishi/ seishi/せいし/聖旨
  • noun:
    1. imperial command
うまいえ/umaie/ umaie/うまいえ/巧い絵 · 旨い絵
  • noun:
    1. excellent picture (painting)
うまいりょうり/umairyouri/ umairyouri/うまいりょうり/甘い料理 · 旨い料理
  • noun:
    1. tasty dish
うまいしごと/umaishigoto/ umaishigoto/うまいしごと/旨い仕事
  • noun:
    1. profitable business
ししゅ/shishu/ shishu/ししゅ/旨酒
  • noun:
    1. good wine  —Archaism.
しょのうまいひと/shonoumaihito/ shonoumaihito/しょのうまいひと/書の旨い人
  • noun:
    1. excellent calligrapher
うまに/umani/ umani/うまに/旨煮
  • noun:
    1. fish (meat) and vegetables boiled in soy sauce with sugar

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