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/ze/ ze//
  • noun:
    1. righteousness;  justice;  right
これ/kore/common kore/これ/common此れ · · 是れ · · 之れ · ·

/ZE/    /SHI/    これ/kore/    この/kono/    ここ/koko/ZE//    SHI//    kore/これ/    kono/この/    koko/ここ/

just so;  this;  right;  justice

ぜせい/zesei/common zesei/ぜせい/common是正
ぜひ/zehi/common zehi/ぜひ/common是非
ぜひとも/zehitomo/common zehitomo/ぜひとも/common是非とも · 是非共
あれこれ/arekore/common · かれこれ/karekore/ arekore/あれこれ/common · karekore/かれこれ/彼此 · 彼是
ぜひぜひ/zehizehi/common zehizehi/ぜひぜひ/common是非是非
  • adverb:
    1. certainly;  by all means;  —Usually written using kana alone.
こくぜ/kokuze/common kokuze/こくぜ/common国是
  • noun:
    1. national policy
とうぜ/touze/common touze/とうぜ/common党是
  • noun:
    1. party platform;  party principles
ぜかひか/zekahika/common zekahika/ぜかひか/common是か非か
  • expression:
    1. right or wrong
ぜがひでも/zegahidemo/common zegahidemo/ぜがひでも/common是が非でも
ぜにん/zenin/common zenin/ぜにん/common是認
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. approval
これら/korera/ korera/これら/これ等 · 此れ等 · 此等 · 是等
これほど/korehodo/ korehodo/これほど/此れ程 · 是程
しきそくぜくう/shikisokuzekuu/ shikisokuzekuu/しきそくぜくう/色即是空
  • noun:
    1. form is emptiness;  matter is void;  all is vanity;  —Buddhist term.   空即是色
ぜぜひひ/zezehihi/ zezehihi/ぜぜひひ/是々非々 · 是是非非
しゃぜ/shaze/ shaze/しゃぜ/社是
  • noun:
    1. company policy
がんぜない/ganzenai/ ganzenai/がんぜない/頑是無い · 頑是ない
くうそくぜしき/kuusokuzeshiki/ kuusokuzeshiki/くうそくぜしき/空即是色
  • noun:
    1. emptiness is form;  illusion of the reality of matter;  —Buddhist term.   色即是空
さくひこんぜ/sakuhikonze/ sakuhikonze/さくひこんぜ/昨非今是
  • noun:
    1. complete reversal of values or ways of thinking
これみよがし/koremiyogashi/ koremiyogashi/これみよがし/これ見よがし · 此れ見よがし · 此見よがし · 是見よがし
  • noun with genitive case particle の / adjectival noun → conjugation:
    1. for show;  ostentatious;  flaunting;  showing off
ぜぜひひしゅぎ/zezehihishugi/ zezehihishugi/ぜぜひひしゅぎ/是是非非主義
  • noun:
    1. principle of being fair and just;  fair and unbiased policy (unbiassed)
てんぜ/tenze/ tenze/てんぜ/店是
  • noun:
    1. shop policy
にょぜ/nyoze/ nyoze/にょぜ/如是
  • noun:
    1. ("like this"; often the opening word of a sutra)  —Buddhist term.   如是我聞
    2. ten thusnesses (in Tendai)  —Abbreviation.   十如是
にょぜがもん/nyozegamon/ nyozegamon/にょぜがもん/如是我聞
  • noun:
    1. thus I hear (quote from the sutras);  these ears have heard

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