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Showing entries with nouns only.
はれ/hare/common hare/はれ/common晴れ · · 霽れ

セイ/SEI/    は.れる/ha.reru/    は.れ/    は.れ-/    -ば.れ/    は.らす/ha.rasu/SEI/セイ/    ha.reru/は.れる/は.れ/は.れ-/ば.れ/    ha.rasu/は.らす/

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はれま/harema/common harema/はれま/common晴れ間 · 晴間
はれやかなえがお/hareyakanaegao/common hareyakanaegao/はれやかなえがお/common晴れやかな笑顔
  • noun:
    1. beaming smile
はれぎ/haregi/common haregi/はれぎ/common晴れ着 · 晴着
はれすがた/haresugata/common haresugata/はれすがた/common晴れ姿
  • noun:
    1. appearing in one's finest clothes;  appearing in one's hour of triumph
はればれ/harebare/common harebare/はればれ/common晴れ晴れ · 晴晴 · 晴々 · 晴ればれ · 晴れ晴
  • adverb / noun:
    1. bright;  cheerful
はれぎすがた/haregisugata/ haregisugata/はれぎすがた/晴れ着姿
  • noun:
    1. dressed up (in fine clothes)
はれぶたい/harebutai/ harebutai/はれぶたい/晴れ舞台 · 晴舞台
  • noun:
    1. big moment (e.g. performance, in the spotlight);  gala occasion;  (on the) world stage;   晴れの舞台
はれたそら/haretasora/ haretasora/はれたそら/晴れた空
  • noun:
    1. clear (cloudless) sky
はれのひ/harenohi/ harenohi/はれのひ/晴れの日
  • noun:
    1. formal occasion;  fine day
はれやか/hareyaka/ hareyaka/はれやか/晴れやか · 晴やか
  • adjectival noun → conjugation:
    1. clear;  bright;  sunny
はれのぶたい/harenobutai/ harenobutai/はれのぶたい/晴れの舞台
はれおとこ/hareotoko/ hareotoko/はれおとこ/晴れ男 · 晴男
  • noun:
    1. man who causes the weather to become sunny when he gets out   雨男
はれおんな/hareonna/ hareonna/はれおんな/晴れ女 · 晴女
  • noun:
    1. woman who causes the weather to become sunny when she goes out   雨女



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