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くもり/kumori/common kumori/くもり/common曇り ·

ドン/DON/    くも.る/ドン/くも.る/

cloudy weather;  cloud up

くもりぞら/kumorizora/common kumorizora/くもりぞら/common曇り空
  • noun:
    1. cloudy sky (weather)
くもる/kumoru/common kumoru/くもる/common曇る
うすぐもり/usugumori/common usugumori/うすぐもり/common薄曇り · 薄曇
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. slightly cloudy
はなぐもり/hanagumori/ hanagumori/はなぐもり/花曇り · 花曇
  • noun:
    1. hazy weather in spring
せいどん/seidon/ seidon/せいどん/晴曇
  • noun:
    1. fine weather and cloudy
くもりがち/kumorigachi/ kumorigachi/くもりがち/曇りがち · 曇り勝ち · 曇勝ち
  • adjectival noun → conjugation / noun with genitive case particle の / noun:
    1. mainly cloudy;  tending to be cloudy
くもりガラス/kumoriGARASU/ kumoriGARASU/くもりガラス/曇りガラス
  • noun:
    1. frosted glass
どんてん/donten/ donten/どんてん/曇天
ほんぐもり/hongumori/ hongumori/ほんぐもり/本曇り
  • noun:
    1. low-cloud overcast
うどんげ/udonge/ udonge/うどんげ/優曇華
  • noun:
    1. udumbara (mythical Indian plant often identified with the cluster fig, Ficus glomerata)
    2. something very rare (from the legend that it flowers once in 3000 years)
    3. Japanese fiber banana flower   芭蕉
    4. green lacewing eggs   草蜉蝣
あまぐもり/amagumori/ amagumori/あまぐもり/雨曇 · 雨曇り
  • noun:
    1. overcast weather
あさぐもり/asagumori/ asagumori/あさぐもり/朝曇り
  • noun:
    1. a cloudy morning
くもりごえ/kumorigoe/ kumorigoe/くもりごえ/曇り声
  • noun:
    1. depressed voice
たかぐもり/takagumori/ takagumori/たかぐもり/高曇
  • noun:
    1. overcast, with high clouds
かきくもる/kakikumoru/ kakikumoru/かきくもる/掻き曇る
  • godan る verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to become overcast
くもらす/kumorasu/ kumorasu/くもらす/曇らす
  • godan す verb → conjugation / transitive:
    1. to encloud;  to make dim;  to make dull;  to tarnish;  to obscure;  to darken;  to muffle 例文
      • If we let our reasoning power be overshadowed by our emotions, we would be barking up the wrong tree all the time.
くぐもる/kugumoru/ kugumoru/くぐもる/曇る
ゆきぐもり/yukigumori/ yukigumori/ゆきぐもり/雪曇り · 雪曇
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. cloudy sky looking like it will snow soon  —Obscure term.
しったん/shittan/ shittan/しったん/悉曇
  • noun:
    1. Siddham character (used for writing Sanskrit)  —From Sanskrit.
しったんがく/shittangaku/ shittangaku/しったんがく/悉曇学
  • noun:
    1. Siddham studies   悉曇
くもりど/kumorido/ kumorido/くもりど/曇度
  • noun:
    1. opacity
くもらせる/kumoraseru/ kumoraseru/くもらせる/曇らせる
とりぐもり/torigumori/ torigumori/とりぐもり/鳥曇り · 鳥曇
  • noun:
    1. cloudy sky that appears when the migrating birds that stayed for winter and autumn in Japan leave to go north
かおをくもらす/kaowokumorasu/ kaowokumorasu/かおをくもらす/顔を曇らす
  • godan す verb → conjugation / expression:
    1. to darken one's face;  to assume a gloomy look;   曇らす

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