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いわく/iwaku/ iwaku/いわく/曰く

エツ/ETSU/    いわ.く/iwa.ku/    のたま.う/notama.u/    のたま.わく/notama.waku/    ここに/kokoni/ETSU/エツ/    iwa.ku/いわ.く/    notama.u/のたま.う/    notama.waku/のたま.わく/    kokoni/ここに/

say;  reason;  pretext;  history;  past;  flat sun radical (no. 73)

いわくつき/iwakutsuki/ iwakutsuki/いわくつき/曰く付き · いわく付き
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. with an interesting history (story);  with a shady history;  with circumstances that are difficult to explain



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