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ぐんそう/gunsou/common gunsou/ぐんそう/common軍曹
ほうそう/housou/common housou/ほうそう/common法曹
  • noun:
    1. legal profession;  lawyer
ほうそうかい/housoukai/common housoukai/ほうそうかい/common法曹界
  • noun:
    1. legal circles
おんぞうし/onzoushi/common onzoushi/おんぞうし/common御曹司 · 御曹子
  • noun:
    1. son of a distinguished family;  son of a noble
いっそう/issou/ issou/いっそう/一曹
  • noun:
    1. master sergeant (JSDF)
いっとうぐんそう/ittougunsou/ ittougunsou/いっとうぐんそう/一等軍曹 · 1等軍曹
  • noun:
    1. sergeant first-class
さんそう/sansou/ sansou/さんそう/三曹
  • noun:
    1. sergeant (JSDF)
さんとうぐんそう/santougunsou/ santougunsou/さんとうぐんそう/三等軍曹 · 3等軍曹
  • noun:
    1. sergeant
じそう/jisou/ jisou/じそう/児曹
  • noun:
    1. children
じゅうそう/juusou/ juusou/じゅうそう/重曹
  • noun:
    1. baking soda;  sodium bicarbonate
じゅうたんさんそうだ/juutansansouda/ juutansansouda/じゅうたんさんそうだ/重炭酸曹達
  • noun:
    1. sodium bicarbonate;  baking soda
じょうきゅうそうちょう/joukyuusouchou/ joukyuusouchou/じょうきゅうそうちょう/上級曹長
  • noun:
    1. sergeant major
じょうとうへいそう/joutouheisou/ joutouheisou/じょうとうへいそう/上等兵曹
  • noun:
    1. chief petty officer
ぞうし/zoushi/ zoushi/ぞうし/曹司
  • noun:
    1. palace room for government officials or ladies in waiting
    2. room inside a palace or private estate allocated to employees;  person living in such a room
    3. boarding house for trainee administrators (ritsuryo period)   大学寮
そうちょう/souchou/ souchou/そうちょう/曹長
  • noun:
    1. master sergeant;  sergeant major (JSDF)
にそう/nisou/ nisou/にそう/二曹
  • noun:
    1. sergeant first-class (JSDF)
にとうぐんそう/nitougunsou/ nitougunsou/にとうぐんそう/二等軍曹 · 2等軍曹
  • noun:
    1. staff sergeant
へいそう/heisou/ heisou/へいそう/兵曹
  • noun:
    1. warrant soldier
へいそうちょう/heisouchou/ heisouchou/へいそうちょう/兵曹長
  • noun:
    1. (Japanese Imperial Navy) chief warrant-officer   准尉
りくそう/rikusou/ rikusou/りくそう/陸曹
  • noun:
    1. non-commissioned officer
りくそうとう/rikusoutou/ rikusoutou/りくそうとう/陸曹等
  • noun:
    1. enlisted man
かいそう/kaisou/ kaisou/かいそう/海曹
  • noun:
    1. petty officer (navy)
くうそう/kuusou/ kuusou/くうそう/空曹
  • noun:
    1. noncommissioned officer of the Japanese Air Self Defense Forces (Defence)
そうだ/souda/ · ソーダ/SOODA/ souda/そうだ/ · SOODA/ソーダ/曹達phonetic reading
そうとうしゅう/soutoushuu/ soutoushuu/そうとうしゅう/曹洞宗
  • noun:
    1. Soto school (of Zen Buddhism)

ソウ//    ゾウ//    つかさ/tsukasa/    ともがら/tomogara/    へや/heya/SOU/ソウ/    ZOU/ゾウ/    tsukasa/つかさ/    tomogara/ともがら/    heya/へや/

cadet;  friend

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