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ふく/fuku/common fuku/ふく/common
ぶく/buku/ buku/ぶく/


clothing;  admit;  obey;  discharge

せいふく/seifuku/common seifuku/せいふく/common制服
ふくそう/fukusou/common fukusou/ふくそう/common服装
ふふく/fufuku/common fufuku/ふふく/common不服
ようふく/youfuku/common youfuku/ようふく/common洋服
こくふく/kokufuku/common kokufuku/こくふく/common克服
いふく/ifuku/common ifuku/いふく/common衣服
わふく/wafuku/common wafuku/わふく/common和服
こうふく/koufuku/common koufuku/こうふく/common降伏 · 降服
ふくしょく/fukushoku/common fukushoku/ふくしょく/common服飾
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. clothing and accessories;  attire
セーラーふく/SEERAAfuku/common SEERAAfuku/セーラーふく/commonセーラー服
  • noun:
    1. sailor suit;  middy uniform
ふくよう/fukuyou/common fukuyou/ふくよう/common服用
せいふく/seifuku/common seifuku/せいふく/common征服
ふくえき/fukueki/common fukueki/ふくえき/common服役
しふく/shifuku/common shifuku/しふく/common私服
  • noun / noun with genitive case particle の:
    1. civilian clothes;  plain clothes
ぐんぷく/gunpuku/common gunpuku/ぐんぷく/common軍服
  • noun:
    1. military or naval uniform
ふくじゅう/fukujuu/common fukujuu/ふくじゅう/common服従
れいふく/reifuku/common reifuku/れいふく/common礼服
ごふく/gofuku/common gofuku/ごふく/common呉服
  • noun:
    1. draperies;  dry-goods;  piece goods
いっぷく/ippuku/common ippuku/いっぷく/common一服
くっぷく/kuppuku/common kuppuku/くっぷく/common屈伏 · 屈服
ふくじ/fukuji/common fukuji/ふくじ/common服地
ひふく/hifuku/common hifuku/ひふく/common被服
  • noun:
    1. clothing
ふくも/fukumo/common fukumo/ふくも/common服喪
  • noun / noun or participle with aux. verb する → conjugation:
    1. going into mourning

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