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ほんにん/honnin/common honnin/ほんにん/common本人

ホン/HON/    もと/moto/HON/ホン/    moto/もと/

book;  present;  main;  origin;  true;  real;  counter for long cylindrical things

ジン/JIN/    ニン/NIN/    ひと/hito/    -り/-ri/    -と/-to/JIN/ジン/    NIN/ニン/    hito/ひと/    -ri/-り/    -to/-と/


ほんにんしだい/honninshidai/ honninshidai/ほんにんしだい/本人次第
  • noun:
    1. being up to the the person himself
ほんにんふたん/honninfutan/ honninfutan/ほんにんふたん/本人負担
  • noun:
    1. paying for the purchase (expense) out of one's own pocket;  being responsible for the payment of one's share of the purchase price, expense, etc.



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