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Showing entries with verbs only.
はてる/hateru/common hateru/はてる/common果てる
  • ichidan verb → conjugation / intransitive:
    1. to end;  to be finished;  to be exhausted;  to die;  to perish
  • suffix:
    1. indicates an extreme has been reached

/KA/    は.たす/ha.tasu/    はた.す/    -は.たす/-ha.tasu/    は.てる/ha.teru/    -は.てる/-ha.teru/    は.て/ha.te/KA//    ha.tasu/は.たす/はた.す/    -ha.tasu/-は.たす/    ha.teru/は.てる/    -ha.teru/-は.てる/    ha.te/は.て/

fruit;  reward;  carry out;  achieve;  complete;  end;  finish;  succeed



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